Plot Edit

The beginning shows the title card, flashing violently, as if trying to give you a seizure. It cuts off to Happy Appy at a playground, helping a kid who fell of his swing. He looks at the screen and says, "If you fall off the swing, kill the person." Appy gives a kind of Jeff the Killer smile to the audience. Suddenly, Appy shouts, "NO! KILLING IS BAD!" The loudness is earbleeding. Then it goes to a one minute's silence. Appy looks at the screen again and says, "Never kill, killing will get you stuck in jail!" Appy shakes his head and then says something terrifying, "You can play with me if you want. We're play Hide and Bleed!" Appy runs towards the screen, screaming in terror. One of the kids that Appy was helping asks, "What's wrong Appy?" Appy says, "Go! I'm Probably gonna murder you all! With this stupid personality that won't go away!" The kid then asks, "Whats a personality?" Appy then states that a personality is what your like. Appy runs away into the forest and the credits air.

Appy-doesnt-like-murder-- -

Only known screenshot from Appy's Murderous Personality