This is an unaired episode that was written by a friend of mine, he has given me permission to add it to this website. Happy wakes up Monday moring, he goes to get breakfast in the kitchen. After eating, he notices Forenzik has not come to eat. "Forenzik!" he yells as he checks down the basement, "What are you doing down there?" "Oh hey Happy" he says, "I'm just working on something, meet your new partner". It's another apple that looks just like Happy. "Finally!" Says Happy, "What do we call him?"  "Appy Happy!" Forenzik replies. "How original" Happy replies, "but let's see what you can do, we'll start with the school."  They get in the car and drive to school, until Appy pushes Happy out the car and runs him over. "We'll see who the real Happy Appy is!" He meets the kids in the playground. "Happy!" the kids shout "We need your help!" He gives them the death smile, "I am your apple!" He pulls out a knife and creeps behind the kids, when suddenly a gun shot is heard, Appy ducks and avoids the shot. It's Happy with a gun, "Help me kids" says Appy "he wants to hurt happy!" The kids don't know who to believe. "Oh f**k this!" Appy says as he charges at Happy, Happy shoots the gun but Appy leaps in the air. He aims for Happy but Happy hits him with the gun, sending him in the air once again and shoots him twice. The kids rejoice and cheer for Happy, the screen turns to black and several guns shots and screams from the kids can be heard. The credits roll.

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