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Can of Kill
Season 2, Episode 10
Can of kill title card
Air date (Unaired)
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
Episode guide
Rose of Blood n' Bones
Jar of Hate

Can of Kill is a Season 2 episode of Happy Appy. It was paired up with Rose of Blood n' Bones when aired.


Happy is seen cleaning out big tin cans while working on his van. He then slaps a note on it that says "OPEN ME." It contained aspray bottle of poison. Quincy walks up to it, gets sprayed, and falls unconciously. An address then appears to order a Can of Kill. In the credits, Happy is dragging Quiney into the van.


  • A Can of Kill costs 5 dollars.
  • A Can of Kill is filled with anthrax, a poison gas.
  • The address led to the production studio of Happy Appy.
  • No Cans of Kill were ever ordered, possibly due to it's poison nature.
  • The name is similar to the following episode, "Jar of Hate"
  • Dennis Deese was absent in this episode, being replaced by a man named Waldon Prisa, the back-up voice for Happy in Season 2.
  • Wanda Rinky and Della Falder are the two background girls playing hopscotch in the begining.
  • Randwell Devis was credited as a writer of this episode. He also wrote Happy Fest, Camp Aaaaah!, and Nuxik.

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