Happy the Fireapple Title card

The title card

Just a warning, please don't hate this, it's just a fan fiction I imagined so critique is welcome! nothing bad though. Enjoy!

The StoryEdit

Well hello there, I am Jackson and this is my encounter with Happy Appy personally. As a wiki fanatic I was looking around my local black market for some old episodes knowing there will be a stall with some. Eventually I found a box with a black sharpie name in bold: HA Lost Episode This specific title intrigued me because you all know, Happy Appy is my favourite Wikipedia page so yes, I was a bit excited with this DVD so I asked the owner of this stall how much for the lost episode. He said "20$ please sir!" so I gave him what he asked for and ran off with a little skip in my step...

The EpisodeEdit

Now when I put the VHS tape in my VHS player, that's when the shit hit the fan. The video went straight to the title screen when it started. The episode name was called 'Happy The Fireapple' so I was guessing it was something to do with a fire? The episode starts with a singalong version of the Happy Appy theme song sung by some kindergarteners. It started with Happy Appy saying to Forenzik "I feel like helping some children from extreme burns, how about you?" "Oh sure, how will we help people though?" "Easy! We become 'firefighters' " "Yes! Another genius idea Happy!" The scene then cuts to a burning building with Happy outside talking to the Chief of the department. The chief said to Happy: "Oh suree you can help!" "Thanks Chiefo!" It cuts to a POV shot of happy climbing a ladder to rescue someone. Happy reached the top and then Forenzik, who beat Happy up there said, "let's burn it down now" "Ok" They grab a match spontaneously striking it on the box and throwing them at people burning. It suddenly cuts out and I was a bit rattled but my love for Happy Appy continued to this day.