Biggie Smalls - Who Shot Ya03:49

Biggie Smalls - Who Shot Ya

This is an unaired episode of Happy Appy written by Tupac Shakur. The episode starts out with Happy driving his truck when he stops at a traffic light. He looks at the camera and says "Yo homeboy, Happy be chillin' in da ghetto today cracka". Then a black car pulls up next to his and the window rolls down. Inside the car is the Skintaker, who pulls out a revolver and says "Bye bye mutha fucka" and shoots happy in the face, before driving off. The camera then zooms into Happy's dying body. Happy then says "Yo kiddyz, y'all pal Happy is dead nigga", before passing away. The credits then roll along with the song 'Who shot ya?' by Biggie Smalls. Edit

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