Happy Appy's Final Episode
Season 4, Episode 6
Happy Appy's Final Episode
Air date 01/01/2013
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Happy Appy's Final Episode is the 6th episode of Happy Appy, and is the season finale of the snuff series.


First off, it will reveal Happy Appy's full name; Herschel Albert. It isn't final, just like the title, but it'll be something along those lines. The plot will be a POV of Happy trying to get rid of his other, murderous personality. He tries everything, from psychiatrists played by the Followers, to manually beating himself. When his other personality takes over, though, he becomes more murderous, to say the least. By the end, after a massive struggle, his split personality goes away forever. Enjoyed, Happy changes his identity in order to help kids like he once did. He goes to the playground, and helps his first kid in years. The credits roll.