Happy Appy episode clip

Happy Appy episode clip


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Today i'll be asking you guys a question.


Is Happy Appy real or not?


I was on youtube, looking for some episodes of Happy Appy. All i could find is Happy Goes to School but thats it if you could find any proof of a Happy Appy DVD or any Happy Appy episodes inbox me please! any way here is the list i know of.                

The Episodes:

Happy's Circus (Redux)

Happy's Trick

Hurt Happy

Happy's Fun Riot

Happy Appy Episode (2nd found, unknown origin)

Happy Appy Episode (2nd found, unknown origin).

Today i just watched a Happy Appy episode. It started of with static i saw something moving, i know what That's Happy Appy! the episode starts of with Happy dancing thats it. I wonder why there was so much static.