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Happy playground

A photo of Happy at the playground

Happy Appy
Season 0, Episode 0
Happy Appy Logo
Air date 1999-2000 (Noggin) 2004-2004 (Late night reruns, The N (Also known as Teen Nick)) 1999-2000 (Pre-TV UK) 2006-2006 (The WB)
Written by Freddrick Gorgote
Directed by Unknown
Episode guide
Happy Appy was a TV show that broadcasted on Noggin. It was removed from air after disturbing and graphic images were brought on screen.


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  • Freddrick Gorgote
  • Kevin Costo
  • Norman McCube
  • Jim Forester


  • Freddrick Gorgote
  • Kevin Costo
  • Jim Forester


  • Jim Forester
  • Norman McCube
  • Kevin Costo

Voices (1999)Edit

  • Blair Meyes - Happy Appy (all episodes)
  • Ray Boilla - Danny
  • Miranda Bollia - Miranda
  • Dick Beals - Nate
  • Stan Freberg - Bully
  • Tara Strong - Math Kid (Happy Goes To School)
  • Pedro Gonzalez - Narrator (Happy Appy Movie Pt 2)
  • Jackie Gleason - Reporter (Nate Needs Help), Father (Happy Appy Movie PT 2)
  • Tress MacNiellie - Teacher (Happy Goes To School)
  • Hamiltion Camp - Art Kid (Happy Goes To School)
  • Mark Hamill - Lifeguard (Happy's Vacation)
  • Dom DeLuise - Bully (Hurt Happy)
  • Arnold Stang - High Pitched Kid Voice (Happy Appy Movie Pt 1), Offscreen Man (Lost Episode)
  • Marvin Kaplan - Bully (Happy Appy Movie Pt 1)
  • Tony Jay - Bully (various episodes)
  • Frank Welker - Vocals (all episodes)

Voices (2012)Edit

  • Llyod Myers - Happy Appy
  • Ray Bollia - Danny


Other crewEdit

  • John Tresti (music)
  • John Wilkinson (scripts)
  • Tristan Drews (designer of Happy puppet)

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