This is a fan made forth installment to On The Run Again (or Happy Appy 3), So please don't hate this! It's just a fan fiction I imagined. Nothing bad enough, Enjoy!

5/31/2015 Edit

Hello, guys! My name is Devan, and this is my encounter with Happy Appy recently. I'm going to search, if Happy Appy made any episodes. They were!

Here's the episode list for Season 5:

Happy Goes To The Gym/Danny's Retirement.

Happy's New Look/Happy Goes To The Store.

Happy's Insane Rage/Happy Goes Bonkers Part 2.  

I will watch Happy Goes To The Gym Soon. See you later, folks!  

10/27/2015 Edit

Hi guys! It's me again! Sorry for being gone for so long. But, guess what? I have to watch Happy Goes To The Gym today! I was on Netflix on my computer looking for season 5 episodes of Happy Appy. I choosed Happy Goes To The Gym, and the episode started with a five second black screen. After five seconds of this, the actual episode started off without the normal intro of every episode of Happy Appy.

Happy was driving inside of his van on the dirt road on the forest at night. Happy looks at the camera and says: "Hey kids! We are going to the gym today!" After two minutes of him driving his van, he reached the gym. I stopped watching, going to the bedroom, and sleep here. It's almost Halloween, Folks! See you later!