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This blog talks about Seasons 5, 6, and 7 of Happy Appy

First Blog Edit

May 16, 2017 and May 17, 2017 Edit

I found all the season 5 episodes and one season 6 episode.

Here's the list

Season 0 (1996 - 1998) Edit

0a. Happy Appy Pre-production Tests (Aired: December 4, 1996)

0b. Happy Appy Production Reel (Aired: April 1, 1997)

0c. Happy Appy's Puzzle Piece (Aired: September 2, 1998)

Season 1 (1999) Edit

  1. Happy's Vacation (Aired: March 18, 1999)
  2. Hurt Happy (Aired: March 25, 1999)
  3. Monkey Bar Mishap (Aired: April 1, 1999)

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