Happy's sprite ingame.

Happy Appy And The Quest For The Golden Apple was a prototype point-and-click game.


The game menu.

The game was only in prototype stage and came in a box with a rushed label. Its start screen had a baby blue background written in Comic Sans MS with New Game, Continue Game, Options and Quit being the selectable options. It has many unfinished levels that took Gerasim several days to complete. It had a sprite sheet known as Failure.png that showed a kid commiting seppuku if the player gets a bad ending. Gerasim said that the controls were impossible. In the files, Gerasim found over 25 levels that went unused.

Golden apple

The Golden Apple's sprite.

Van sprite

Happy's van's sprite.

Happy Appy and the quest for the golden apple gameplay

Happy Appy and the quest for the golden apple gameplay


The game opens with this text cutscene:

"Once upon a time, there was an apple coated with gold leaf, known as the Golden Apple. According to legend, the Golden Apple was because it could heal any injury or disease. It was created by the Banana tribe, who used it to try to unify every Fruit tribe together. One day, however, the fierce Apple tribe destroyed the Banana tribe, and found the Golden Apple. Keeping it for themselves, the Apple tribe abused the Golden Apple to make their warriors the strongest around.

With the Golden Apple, the Apple tribe began to conquer every tribe that they had known of. However, a new tribe was created by the survivors of the conquered ones. Using the Banana's knowledge, they made another Golden Apple, which was stronger than the one the Apples had. The Apple tribe started to collapse as the super tribe conquered its former lands. Eventually, when the Apple tribe was surrounded, the last great Apple leader used the Apples' great underground labyrinth to hide the Golden Apple forever.

Right before an attack happened on the tribe, the entrance was sealed to the labyrinth. When the Apple tribe fell, the Bananas tried to find the Golden Apple to destroy it forever. They couldn't, though, and were forced to destroy their Golden Apple.

Thousands of years went by, and the world as we know it came into being. The labyrinth was forgotten and left to rot...

However, one day in 1999, an Apple descendant known as Happy Appy was playing in a playground when he found the labyrinth again."

The player begins as Happy in a playground and to access Apple Labriynth they need to get a shovel from a kid, who wants a chocolate bar, that costs a dollar that they need to find. The player needs to find a key-shaped pebble in the playground to go past a door. When they get past the door, they see statues of apples helping children. They solve a puzzle of Happy and walk to a staircase. After that they fight a boss.