Happy Appy Goes to Jurassic World is the latest episode of Happy Appy, it only aired once in Nick Jr at 4:00 AM in Mountain Time Zone, but an alternate ending aired in Canada.


One of the screenshots from the episod, Appy teaching the carnivorous dinosaurs not to kill people, (NOTE that Gallimimus is one of the dinosaurs that was shown with the carnivorous dinosaurs even know Gallimimus is not a carnivore)


Happy Appy is going to Isla Nubar for a vacation, and when he gets there, he finds out that there's a dinosaur theme park, called Jurassic World, so Appy goes there, first, he went to the Mosasaurus Arena where the Mosasaurus eats the shark hanged up, Appy is OK with that on the count of the fact that the Mosasaurus never attacked any people, he then goes to the T-Rex Paddock, there, the T-Rex eats the goat. Appy says that it's a good thing that it's well protected, he then goes to the Gallimimus Territory, where the visitors go and see the Gallimimus. Appy says that it only "rarely" eats meat. Then, Appy goes to the most recent attraction, the Indominus Rex Paddock, an employee tells Appy that he Indominus isn't real, it's a hybrid and she'll be 50 feet long when fully grown, bigger than a T-Rex. Appy was almost freaked out, Appy went and came face-to-face with the theropod, but one of the employees accidentally pushed the button that left the dinosaur free, Appy runs away and goes to Gyrospheres so he'll forget about the whole thing. (I'll write more soon)

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