as we all know the current list of episodes are.

it seems that theres some missing secenes and even the other half of Happy Appy goes the the circus is missing.

season 1

  1. Happy's Vacation/Hurt Happy
  2. Monkey Bar Mishap/Happy Goes to School
  3. Happy at the Fruit Olympics/Nate Needs Help
  4. Never Run with Knives/Happy Fixes Kids
  5. Happy Fixes Kids, Part 2/Happy Fixes Kids, Part 3
  6. The Towers/Happy the Doctor
  7. Happy in Space/Mean Miranda
  8. Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (?)
  9. Happy's Trick/Hospital Doctor (???)
  10. The Happy Appy Movie

Season 2

  1. Happy Meets the Rhubears/Camp Aaah!
  2. Happy and the Oranges/Happy's Van Breaks
  3. Lighter/Happy and Blackberry
  4. Forenzik, the Big Help/Nuxik
  5. Rose of Blood 'n Bones/Can of Kill
  6. Jar of Hate/Happy's Rising
  7. Happy Kills Benny/Miranda Lives
  8. Miranda Dies
  9. Forenzik, a Bigger Help/Meaner
  10. Happy Appy's Christmas/Happy's House
  11. Forenzik, the Biggest Help/Danny's Love
  12. Happy Fest/Happy Rots in Hell
  13. Epilogue

Season 3

  1. Happy the Pirate/Happy's Parlor
  2. Happy's Birthday/Danny Returns
  3. A Day at the Tracks/Happy's Hotel
  4. Happy's Hotel, Part 2/Happy Makes a Movie
  5. Happy Appy and the Demolition Derby
  6. Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux)
  7. The Happy Appy Movie 2 (The Followers)
  8. Forenzik Rises (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 1)
  9. Forenzik Rises 2: They All Die (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 2)
  10. The Followers (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 3)

Season 4

  1. Happy's Fun Riot (Not publically released)

will i will hunt them down

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