Happy Appy Production Reel
Season 0, Episode 2
Air date (unaired)
Written by Freddrick Gorgote
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
Episode guide
Happy Appy Pre-production Tests
Happy Appy's Puzzle Piece
Back when Happy Appy was known as "Attack of the Killer Apples", Freddrick came up with plans for a episode. Unfortunately, due to his lacking skills of claymation at the time, he couldn't do the pilot. When Keith Blue joined the team, the two went to work on a Production Reel. It was presented to Nickelodeon employees, and the show was accepted. The contents of the reel star, Happy Appy, as noted by the title. It was recorded sometime between February 26th and March 1st with a old camera. Little else is known, so the rest of the article will be made from eyewitness accounts.

The tape's whereabouts are unknown, though it is very possible that a Nickelodeon employee has the tape, or that it's locked in the vaults. It starts out with Happy Appy's intro, which isn't even done. According to an executive, "It began with an intro where the man (Freddrick) sung an early version of the theme with a different tune, sort of like Elvis under a crowbar". Another executive said "Some of the lines talked about his life. Apparently, he graduated from Apple University with a degree in caretaking. How cute". After the intro, it goes to show Happy Appy. His design is different; Happy's model has white eyes instead of blue, he has no leaf, and he also has legs and feet.

Pilot Version of Happy

This is what Happy had looked like in the pilot. (This was drawn by me.)

In this production reel, he was voiced by Keith. He is quoted as saying why they should pick up the show and how big it would be a success for Noggin. He also quoted several plotlines of some episodes, with a few that weren't used. One of them is quoted as "A episode where Happy solves a mystery involving a puzzle piece". After a while, Happy stops talking, and the reel ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Most children do not know what a production reel is.
  • Apple University is not eligible to any other fruits, but all apple colors are accepted.

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