A Documentary of Happy Appy is a 30 minute documentary of Happy Appy.

Date: May 5, 2004

Complete: September 4, 2002

Shot: May 24, 2000


Interviewer: Are you Freddrick Gorgote?

Freddrick: Yes, I am.

Interviewer: Tell us how the Happy puppet was made?

Freddrick: Well, I hired Tristan Drews to design the puppet. He drew the design on paper, and designed it as a clay model.

Interviewer: How did you create Happy?

Freddrick: Well, in 1998, me and Keith Blue were looking for a job, so we got a job at Nick. For the development, we thought of The Attack of the Killer Apples, while we were making designs. We thought of Happy's design we quickly shot footage with it, while testing out Happy. But then Attack of the Killer Apples was rejected.

Interviewer: How much more of Happy was there going to be?

Freddrick: 2 seasons and a TV Movie. Only eight episodes managed to air, until we got angry calls from soccermoms. A video game was also planned as well, and a DVD. While fans are making clone episodes, DVDs and tapes.

Interviewer: What made you think of Happy Appy and Attack of the Killer Apples?

Freddrick: Well in 1989, my first year at CalArts, I made an animation about an apple. In 1991, I met Craig McCracken at CalArts and we became good friends. Before I worked on Happy Appy, I worked at Cartoon Network where I helped with Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo. I left CN in 1998 to work on Happy Appy. Back to topic, In 1990, I finished the animation but rejected it. In 1993, I made another animation with the same apple in it, but he was terrorizing the city. In 1998, me and Keith made a apple, who was the exact same apple, and we named him Happy Appy.

Interviewer: That will be all, Now Blair Meyes.

Blair: Hello.

Interviewer: Did you work on Fright House Screamers?

Blair: Yes I did, but Freddrick wanted me to work on Happy Appy more, so he murdered Johnathan and made me hostage.

Interviewer: Before Happy, what did you do?

Blair: Well, I was a writer for Dexter's Lab, where I met Freddrick. I also worked on Cow and Chicken before I left.