So I was looking on this wiki, fascinated. So, I searched Happy Appy and watched a video. There was a link. I clicked it and it redirected me to a strange website. I can't remember the name. It told me that they are making a show called Happy Jr! I was shocked! It had a picture of Happy Jr. Also an mp3 of the song they were using. It's similar to Happy Appy's song. As of right now. They have not made any episodes. I'll let you know when they do.

EDIT! They have made an episode. I haven't watched it, but the name is either "My Son" or

"Happy's Son". When I checked my history, I saw the videos name. It was "Happy Appy Songs!!!" When I clicked it though, it just said the video never existed. Same thing for the website. I will keep looking.

This morning, I had remembered about Happy Jr. I know this sounds crazy but I switched the channel to Nick Jr. It was talking about a new show. A girl said, "We have a new show coming. It's a puppet show! Be there for a fun time!" They did not provide a time for watching the show. I'll have to be watching Nick Jr. for a while. I'll let you know what happens. It also turns out that the picture of Happy Jr. is (obviously) fake. When I see Happy Jr. on Nick Jr, I'll be quick to get a picture or video. I thought that was a fake picture when I saw it.