Happy Kills Benny
Season 2, Episode 13
Happy Kills Benny
Air date 23/11/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode begins with Benny playing in the playground, but he notices Happy driving his new van. He says to his parents that he wants to go home because someone is staring at him funny. His parents looked around the the area, but no one was there. They told benny that no one was there and Benny calms down. Benny sees Happy again and Benny runs towards his parents. He says that Happy is stalking him and the parents see Happy, but he's helping a kid. The parents say that Happy's just helping a kid. Later, Benny finds a 20 dollar bill. He picks it up, but Happy stabs him. Later on, Happy drags the body into his van, and it cut to the credits.

In media such as this, where a child is threatened by danger, parents are of no help at all and have the brain power of dog feces. This theme is also regularly explored in R.L Stine's famous series, "Goosebumps."


  • Most people did not actually need to watch the full episode, because the title says it all.
  • The hand in the intro looks like Norman Bates' hand, right before he kills the lady in the shower. The creators of this show evidently were deeply inspired by Hitchcock.

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