Happy or Appy is the first episode of the fifth season of Happy Appy.

Happy Appy's Final Episode was actually the final episode of season 4.


Happy Appy is watching the latest news on Donald Trump and then packs a suitcase. He brings it into his van and sells his house. Happy drives his van and meets Ernie, a resident of Peppermint Park. Ernie tells Happy to buy a house at Peppermint Park. Happy drives his van with Ernie to Peppermint Park and meets Ernie's friends. Happy says, "Ernie, you and your mates are just as disturbing as me." A gang of children come toward to Happy, Ernie, and his friends, but they kill the children. Happy invites some of his old and new friends for a house warming party. The children were cooked into burgers served at McDonald's. At the end, Happy and his new friends run over a bunch of children while driving cars.

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