This is a spin-off pasta to the Happy Appy timeline.

The shot of Happy Appy's 'Design'.

Chapter 1Edit

One day, Before I found Gerasim's Blog, I saw   YOUTUB3  (Or whatever you call it). It was fucking scary. Fucking hell, I started to have nightmares of that fucking apple. THAT. FUCKING. APPLE. there was an episode of Happy Appy called HAPPY APPY'S CHRISTMAS. I watched it on ForenzikTube (I'm calling Y0U4UB3 that now). It started with the normal episode intro, then Happy went into his house. He said "Hello kids, It's your pal, Happy Appy! Do you want to see my christmas tree?" then he did his trademark 'Death Stare' for 2 minutes. Holy Jesus I'm a patient person. Well, back to where we were. Then, he said "Sure!" As he was walking to his christmas tree, I noticed that he was humming "They're Coming To Take Me Away Again Ha-Haaaa!" then i saw him holding out a knife filled with blood. That was fucking scary, even for a 32-year old. "It's my own design!" he said, and I was about to fucking pause the thing then go to bed. But no, I am a bloodhound. I wanted to continue. I had to.

Chapter 2Edit

Well, I unpaused that video, and great holy fuck I did. He stared with his death smile, and saying: "That's Natural Children. I was the one who made the Twin Towers collapse. DON'T TELL ANYONE, OR ELSE YOUR PAL IS GOING TO ROT!" Holy shit. Shit, Shit Shit. That dark secret. I can't go to sleep. It's 3:00 in the fucking morning. Well, i can watch it. It cut to a VHS playing a news reel about the L.A. Riots. "I made that as well." He cut to his death smile. I wondered if I pressed the Seek button. It started all over again. Well, I'll end Chapter 2. Thats Short.