Hospital Doctor
Season 1, Episode 17
Hospital doctor title card
Air date 10/08/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Happy's Trick
The Happy Appy Movie, Part 1


The episode started with a POV shot of Happy running through a hospital for two and a half minutes, with a choir singing “Amazing Grace”. Then it cuts to Happy on his metal stick, doing his death smile for a long time.

Like the two other times, he watched over any living thing near the TV with his uncanny, soulless baby blue eyes. The death smile made his glare worse, giving an immense feeling of threat to anyone watching.

After the Amazing Grace choir ended, ambient noise starting playing. It kept growing louder and louder, and it very slowly zoomed in on Happy. Finally, after 10 minutes of watching a clay apple staring you down with loud ambiance, he says "Hey kids, let's go find some children to help!" He runs up to some body bags holding bodies, while a nurse is zipping one up.

Happy walks up to the nurse and says "Hello, Mrs. Nurse! Can I help those people?" The nurse says "Happy, they're dead. They won't come back." Right before the credits, Happy Appy turns to the camera with another death smile, and says something that could be more disturbing than the Natural scene and the staring scenes. "Remember kids, you will all die one day, and I won't be there to help you." Evidently, Happy does not quite grasp the concept of death. Perhaps cartoon apples never die.

Trivia Edit

  • When you die, Happy Appy will not be there to help you, namely because when you are dead, you cannot be brought back to life. Especially not by an apple.

Deleted ScenesEdit

  • There was going to be a scene where nurse calls the police on Happy, but is shot in the back of the head by Freddrick who happens to see this.