There is an episode of Happy Appy that did not air. It was an episode how Happy was born. The episode started by showing an apple tree. Then it showed one of the tree's apples. The apple had a popsicle stick at the bottom of the apple. The apple was even wearing a sky or light blue ribbon. The apple then opened 2 creepy blue eyes. It even got green lips on it's mouth. It even got hands of a human. Then the apple said: "Um... Hello! If yuw like, yuw can cwll me Happy." Happy tried to shake. He said: "Cwan you hwelp me get down the twee?" Then he waited 5 seconds. Then he said: "Yay! You are gwoing to swave me!" But then he noticed stick. He wiggled it and and flew to the ground. Then he saw a knife. Then he said: "What's that?" He started to lick the knife. Then he said: "I lwike it!" Then he took it around the place. He then saw a banage. Then he said: "Um... kids? Would you like to help cwildren with mwe?" He waited 5 seconds. Then he said: "Yay!" Happy flew out of the forest. He was looking for some kids crying. Finally he found a 3 years old girl crying. He flew down and said to the girl: "What's wrong?" The girl said: "Gah! A flying and talking apple!" Then Happy said: "Cwan I hwelp you?" The girl said: "Um.... Ok?" Then Happy putted a bandage at the spot that the girl was hurt. Then the girl said: "Thank you!" Happy said: "You're welcome!" Then the girl started to hug Happy. The episode ended. The song: Bumblebee played on the credits.

Baby Happy Appy

This is what Happy looked like as a baby apple. (Drawn by me.)

Happy's Ribbon

This is what Happy's ribbon looks like. (Drawn by me.)

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