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Fake Ace meets the Darkarete ScrapsEdit

(By this point, Ace is released from jail. Fake Ace is planning a large-scale robbery on the largest bank in New Dronia City. He goes to the Darkarete Scraps for help. At this point, the Scraps are in a holdout on the coast southeast of New Dronia City. Cold is playing chess with Lilpu, while Falens is watching the horizon and Bootan is doing god-knows-what in the shelter.)

Lilpu: ...Check.

Cold: Oh, you think you're so good at this game, aren't you? Well, check THIS move out!

(does a really terrible move)

Lilpu: Checkmate. This is the thirty-third time you have lost to me.

Cold: Can we stop playing this shit game? By the time you lose, my fingers will have rotted to stumps, aye!

Lilpu: Very well.

Cold: Also, promise me that you'll shove the queens up your ass when we have another game. Maybe I could win it, huh?

Lilpu: I make no promises.

Falens: Captain!

Cold: What is it now?

Falens: Ace! He's coming towards our outpost!

(Cold, surprised by this, kicks over the chess table.)

Cold: I'll be right back.

Short SummaryEdit

  • September to October 7,025: The man who looks like Ace is revealed to have been a clone created by the Vainetes. Dronian is pretty much one step away from declaring full-on war at the Vainetes.