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  • March 7,024: The news about Ace's story reaches Dronian A'roso, who personally invites him to his office on the Dronia Tower. During their meeting, a man from Goren-Kohorran enters their room, and tells them about the X-Valkyries, the newest project by the Vainetes Empire and Naray Engineering. (It's a series of giant automatons, nearly 400 feet tall and weighing around 3,000 tons, that have enough firepower to wipe out even Southpeak.) Before collapsing due to lack of rest, the man tells them that they plan to use the newest one, mark G-X31P, 150 miles off Port Ano as 'practice'. Dronian calls the General of the Army, Inborese Unibo, to ready the army in case the Vainetes use the X-Valkyrie to attack New Dronia City. It doesn't happen for the rest of the month, though.
  • April 7,024: In the middle of the month, the G-X31P X-Valkyrie is deployed 100 miles off the coast of New Dronia City. Dronian, suspicious of how close the X-Valkyrie was to Port Ano, readies the army in warehouses near the docks. At this point, some Vainete soldiers enter the X-Valkyrie to maintain it.
  • April 18th, 7,024: The X-Valkyrie attacks Port Ano in the Battle of the Division Sea. While the Dronese army tries to fight it off, Ace begins to climb up the X-Valkyrie, acting like he is an Evaporator. Eventually, he finds the mainframe of the G-X31P and destroys it, causing it to fall into the ocean. Once the area is cleared, the X-Valkyrie is brought to the Dronia Underground Research Center. In all, 19 soldiers were killed, while over 125 were wounded.