"The darkened lands, watching from the west
Has thoughts not of peace, but conquest
They are mystery becoming unseen
In the land of the Dronese"

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  • August 7,024: Upon hearing the announcement of another copy of the G-X31P by Maximus, Dronian sends Ace to Sohorran. Once Ace gets there, he is mistaken for a previously-thought dead Evaporator, and is brought to Maximus himself! After some lying to him, Ace is told to clean up radiation in the dumping grounds of Goren-Kohorran, even though the G-X31P is being built on the west coast of Sohorran! When Ace gets to the dumping grounds, he hijacks one of the Empire's light tanks and drives off with it! He spends the rest of the month trying to enter the building grounds of the G-X31P.
  • September 7,024: A few days into this month, Ace reaches the west coast of Sohorran, where he infiltrates the construction site of the G-X31P. He hijacks it and uses it to get to Vohiney, the capital city of the Vainetes, which is over 2,000 miles away. 50 miles before reaching the city limits, the G-X31P runs out of power and crashes into an armory, killing three soldiers and injuring dozens. Ace sneaks away before it explodes into pieces. He spends the last days of the month getting into Vohiney.