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  • October 7,024: Ace enters Vohiney as a soldier from Goren-Kohorran that wants to travel to the city to see its 'wonders'. Once he enters it, he discovers how bad the city actually is, and begins to write letters to Dronian about how he destroyed the X-Valkyrie, but also about the horrid working conditions of the Vainetes. Once Dronian gets these, he tells Ace to kill Maximus in order to stop these conditions. He finds out that, ever since the G-X31P was destroyed, Maximus has called his Vainete soldiers to find and kill Ace.
  • November 7,024: Ace escapes Vohiney, where he discovers that Maximus has relocated to Korineit, a town full of soldiers 200 miles northeast of where he's at. The road to it is heavily guarded by Vainete soldiers, but a canal connecting the two cities is not. He goes into the canal, where he sees some non-brainwashed Makato finishing a homemade boat in order to escape Sohorran. Ace takes off his helmet and asks the Makato if they would allow him to use his boat in order to help him kill Maximus. They say yes, and Ace drives the boat over to Korineit, which takes a few days.
  • December 7,024: Ace kills Maximus (TO WORK ON)