Season 2, Episode 17
Meaner title card
Air date 21/12/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Napoleon, a Bigger Help
Happy Appy's Christmas


This episode takes place right after Happy Goes Bonkers, where Happy is in his van polishing his cleaver and cleaning the body parts of children. The corpse of the girl he sliced with the garrote wakes up, and both the girl and Happy scream. Happy injects the girl with some of the green fluids he used on the kid in Happy the Doctor, and proceeds to mutilate her off-screen. After Happy is done, he is heard chopping the girl's head off with the cleaver. Happy leaves his van with the knife and says “That was fun! Hey, killing is a fun thing to do! You can do it at home if your mommy and daddy allow you to. If they don't, which will probably happen, do it anyways, because I, Happy Appy, say so!” and then the credits rolled.

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