These blog posts were written by Cerys Gordon, an British 28-year old single mother with three children. The blog that these posts resided on has since been removed.

2 August 2010 Edit

I don't know what I've just been through, and im actually glad i don't know.

It all began yesterday, i was doing some household chores, while my three children; Jake, Kate and George, were sitting on the couch doing nothing but playing with their toys. I felt that they would eventually get bored, so i turned on the TV and put on Nick Jr.

After a rerun of Dora the Explorer, a show came up called Happy Appy, and the theme song just sounded so familiar, but i couldn't pinpoint what it reminded me of.

Then a title card popped up, with text saying The Two Towers. I never really payed attention to what picture it was showing, and i hope i never do that again to anything else.

The episode started with this anthropomorphic apple called Happy Appy in a playground telling several kids about the cycle of life about frogs and something else that i forgot. Then all of a sudden, smoke creeped into the playground, and when Happy, the kids and me turned around...I said, "Oh god what have I've put up!?".

I cannot tell you about it in full detail, since it is VERY graphic, but i saw two towers burning up, with people inside jumping to their deaths. I couldn't believe this had managed to get into Nick Jr., and so i turned off the TV, to find my children crying and traumatized, with Jake, my normally calm boy, saying "Mommy, why did you put that up?" and ran into his room.

I felt extremely ashamed of myself, and i never, ever want to turn on that TV, or more specifically, Nick Jr. ever again.

If any of you have seen Happy Appy or this episode with the title The Two Towers, please tell me about it below or by e-mail. It would greatly help me into finding out why this even happened.

3 August 2010 Edit

I didn't got any good sleep last night, Why? Because i kept having a nightmare where i was in front of the two towers, and people were screaming and crying, trying to get out of the building. One of the towers collapsed, and i was one of the people who were killed. I woke up in the middle of the night, and i stayed awake through early in the morning.

Happy Appy is starting to take over my dreams, and now after this, i'm afraid it may be starting to take over my life.

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