Napoleon, a Bigger Help
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date 14/12/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
Episode guide
Miranda Dies


The episode starts out with Happy saying "Hey kids, last week was fun, killing Miranda with my best pal. Hey, come over here!" and Forenzik walks into view, saying "Yes, Happy?" Happy says "You know, we've killed women, but we haven't done any children yet." Forenzik gasps like a fangirl, and says "Oh, you're right, Happy! Let's kill someone!".They find a child skipping some pebbles at a lake. Then Happy’s van comes into view, and the kid flings a pebble at it, leaving a mark on the driver’s side window. Happy gets mad at the kid, so he shoves him in a burlap sack, and goes into his van. Inside, Forenzik murders the kid, while Happy sits in view. What happened was absolutely horrifying that I just can't say what happened in detail. I’ll just say that by the end, the kid only had half of his skin, his skeleton, and chunks of organs left.

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