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Napoleon, the Biggest Help
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date (unaired)
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
Episode guide
Happy's House
Danny's Love


In this episode, Happy is seen putting organs into his statue. He puts a stomach, heart, and ribs in, but finds out he has no intestines. Happy screams for Forenzik. Forenzik comes over, and Happy says "Forenzik, could you please find me some intestines, preferably adult ones?" Forenzik nods, and goes out. Later we see Forenzik go into Danny's house, where he and his father is crying over the death of June. Danny notices Forenzik, and screams. Danny's dad rushes over, and Danny runs away. Forenzik slashes the dad's throat, and drags him out the door. Forenzik says "You are very lucky I haven't killed you yet, Danny." and takes Danny's dad to Happy's house. Forenzik cuts open Danny's dad's stomach, and mutilates him to no end. Happy cheers Forenzik on, while Forenzik throws Happy body parts like a bear throwing chunks of flesh to her cubs. After probably one of the less brutal snuff scenes, when compared to Miranda and the kid, we see Happy cheerfully place the intestines in the statue, and then the episode ends.

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