Never Run with Knives
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 07/06/1999
Written by Unknown
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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In this episode, a kid falls down with a knife and Happy Appy heals him.


The episode started with a kid running with a knife facing up. He accidentally stabbed himself. He held his wound, crying.

Then, Happy parked his van around the corner and ran to the kid and said: "Hey kids, this kid should have not carried the knife facing up, while running!"

Happy then healed him by putting a bandaid over the wound. The kid hugged Happy and he said "Remember, never run with knifes facing up, or scissors for that matter. Always walk with knives and scissors facing down! And remember, in real life, bandaids cannot cure deep stab wounds!"

Then, Happy takes the kid to his van and the episode ends


  • This was the last episode before the show took a short hiatus.
  • The knife used was made of rubber
  • This was the show's last tame episode before it took a darker tone

Errors Edit

"Gorgote" is a bizarre last name, except perhaps in France.