Drok Ano
Wenea Ano
Konoven Krelel
Jimease Boerite
A lot of generations later...
Edriatan Geynism
Lara Geynism
Hasmish Jokani Asamber
Sam Isnc Asamber
Drok Ano IV
Pienta Ano Sr.
Sarina Geynism
Dronok Geynism
Tireane Geynism
Sakane Asamber
Hamaca Asamber
Kilemi Thane
Pienta Ano Jr.
Drok Ano V
Drami Krok'n
See this page
Generations later...
Domir A'roso
Dronian A'roso
Diratena Geinism-A'roso
Generations later...
Camos Jaren
Solama Thane
Arken Thane
Dominika Yakovlev
Georgi Kozlov
Nata Yakovlev
Kristoffer Holzer-Gorgote
Rosa Gorgote
Arrankos Rosoan
Beriye Rosoan
Tomoko Hashimoto
Gerasim Yakovlev
Sergei Yakovlev
Johnny Gorgote
Kino Gorgote
Sharon Gorgote
Generations later...
Alexandar Yakovlev
Vlantos Rosoan

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