Unknown female
A lot of generations later...
The Sand Watcher
??? Nonasar??? NonasarSij Kerell??? Vaten
??? Tineose
Cabane Nonasar
Some generations later...
Otarios Vaten??? Tineose??? Tineose
Mantore Vaten
Vakell Eryuei
Sohira Heirt-Tineose
??? Tineose
Hamaca VatenVainetaria Vaten
Laberi Geynism (Go back)
??? Tineose
Vinera Vaten
Augustus Vaineri Vaten
Quetar Vaten
??? Geynism
??? Geynism
??? Tineose
Nierte Arleyeo
Some generations later...
Unknown human male
Aidan Attaway
Niles Attaway
Tamara McNiall
Helere Peri
Alastar "Ace" McNiall
Siobhan McNiall
Cennetig McNiall
Alaois McNiall
Reina Peri

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