Rose of Blood n' Bones
Season 2, Episode 9
Rose of Blood n' Bones
Air date 26/10/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Can of Kill


The episode starts with Happy painting a picture with red paint. The picture is a rose in a playground. Then Happy runs out of red paint. He says "Damn it! Oh, whoops! Hey kids, let's go find some red paint and white sticks!" We then see Happy walking out of his van and going near two kids, then he mutilates them off screen. After that it cuts to Happy painting the same picture, but we now see him with more ‘red paint’ and ‘white sticks’ painting the rose. After a minute, he is done. He shows the result, and says "My masterpiece is complete. I call it “The Rose of Blood ‘n Bones". Hey kids, you too can make a painting using body parts and blood! If you make one, send it in to me and I will give you a prize!".

Trivia Edit

  • After this episode, Happy decided to abandon his artistic career, because the blood paintings began to smell after about a week, much like art made out of food.
The Rose of Blood ‘n Bones

A image of Happy's painting.


The address isn't shown onscreen to send in one.

The title of the painting implies that Happy is a guns and roses fan, but this has never been proven.

Happy also appears to think that he is the mental equivalent of Van Gogh.

Rose of Blood n' Bones01:19

Rose of Blood n' Bones

Fan-Made Episode by Pasta937

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