These are all the rules you need to obey while being on this wiki.

What You Can't Do

  1. No pointsgaming.
  2. Do not vandalize pages. If you vandalize a page you will first recieve a warning, but if you vandalize a second page you will recieve a 1 week ban.
  3. Do not create useless categories. If you try to create a new category make sure it's usefull.
  4. Do not create a spam article. If you do that atleast 3 times you will recieve a 1-2 week ban.
  5. Do not create articles with non-Happy Appy related stuff.

What You Can Do

  1. You can do usefull edits to articles that need to be completed.
  2. You can help users out.
  3. You can create Happy Appy related articles.
  4. You can create usefull categories.
  5. You can revert useless edits done to articles.

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