Happy Appy was a show that used to air on Nick jr (Noggin back then), that was created by Freddrick Gorgote. The show was based on Freddrick's rejected show idea, "Attack of the Killer Apples". The show focused around an apple Named Happy Appy who helped kids with their injuries.

The show was 20 minutes long (2 segments, each of them being 10 minutes long). The following episodes are the only ones that were aired:

After the Episode "The Two Towers" was hacked on Noggin, the FCC recieved a massive wave of phone calls from angry parents saying that their child had watched the "recent episode of Happy Appy" and started crying after seeing blood and gore.

So then, Nickelodeon had one choice. Cancel the show, remove it out of their archives and fire all the employees who worked on it. And they did just that. (Which took about 2 hours).

But that didn't stop Freddrick Gorgote (who had previously moved to Alma, Colorado, changed his appearence and renamed himself "Forenzik" to make more Happy Appy episodes (he also kidnapped five children: Miranda, Ray Bollia, Quincy, Jenny, and Jacob, to help him work on season 2 and below are the only ones that they made:

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Back to the subject. After the show's cancellation, it remained completely forgotten until an anonymous blogger (witch later turned out to be Gerasim Yakovlev) discovered it. (More information coming soon).