i dont have much time to post this. i found a video on youtube saying HAPPYS PLAN oh dear god i wish i never found it,  i checked the views and there was only 1 i didnt know who but it started with the season 2 intro and it came up with HAPPYS PLAN like the title of the video said it sarted with happy saying hey kids its me happy appy and today we are gonna help a new boy in town nammed chris happy is showen driveing to a house only chris was home  happy snuck in to the house and snuck behind chris when happy opened the door chris had a knife in his hands and he says i been expecting you happy. happy then charges at chris and its 5 minutes of them fighting intil chris knocks happy onto the floor and runs happy says DAMMIT HE GOT AWAY and then the rest of the episode is happy sarching for chris but no luck and then it ends oh dear it has co- (chapter  2 will be added soon

(chapter 2) O.H GOD I AM STILL ALIVE ok i am claming down a strange figure attacked me  but i am still alive the secound part was posted dear god why did he/she post it.. the title was HAPPYS PLAN PART 2 it started with happys fun riots school happy says hey kids its happy appy today we will be killing danney but he got distracted by seeing chris much older happy says oh nevermind its time I FINISH SOMETHING happy charges at chris chris is in shock when he sees happy and he is in servre pain when happy stabs him he manges to get away after 2 minutes of fighting desprately and happy eventuly comes to what looked like a house a very old house

happy says chris i know your in there eventuly happy finds chris and chris sets happy on fire with a lighter when and runs happy eventuly puts out the fire but the rest of the video is static i will post more if i find anything (this fan happy appy creepyasta will be added to but please only fix things dont add anything new like a new part of the chapter inless its fixing a wierd worded sentence)

(part 2 of chapter 2) i managed to get the sound working and all i hear is happy screaming he is screaming so much...... i am starting to slip into insanity (i will live on forever) 


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