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    August 7, 2016 by Dronian

    I think it's finally time to reveal the biggest mysteries of the Happy Appy 'universe'.

    • "Why are some of the stories unfinished?"
    • "Is Gerasim serious? He acts like a 12-year-old."
    • "What kind of fucking sperglord made this shitpasta?"

    Well, I'll answer all of the questions: You've all been rused in probably THE longest, most overdrawn ruse session in Wikia history. Let me explain myself and my acts. As the REAL 'Dronian'. Not some phony-ass ROBLOX-loving special kid that I've been masquerading as for the last five odd years.

    For the first month or so of this account's existance, I used it completely straight - editing the ROBLOX Wiki, I was around 12 back then, still technically in the age group for that game. After a few weeks of this, I grew b…

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  • Dronian

    Happy Appy cannot be salvaged

    December 13, 2014 by Dronian

    Happy Appy (and its sequels) cannot be salvaged.

    Yes, I am aware that the story sucks. You're not a special snowflake if you think that. Reading it nowadays - especially the sequels - makes me cringe, and that's saying something. Back in 2011, the story was one of the creepiest "Lost Episodes" pastas out there, but now it's not, to say the least. I wanted to go through the story and make it a little more bearable to read, but I'm not going to waste another year of my life fixing something that came from that cesspool known as ROBLOX. I've got better things to do and work on, which I won't reveal. You will probably find them out on your own.

    Does that mean I'm going to delete the wiki? No. If you like the stories, then I'll keep it up for you…

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  • Dronian

    Over a year ago, I created this blog post in order to find out what the Happy Appy fans wanted to be changed in the main stories. Now, with the sudden surge in popularity of this wiki (due to the removal of the story and such), I feel like this blog post should be revived again.

    Basically, suggest changes that I should make to the Happy Appy series. The stories that you can choose are Happy Appy, Fright House Screamers, Forenzik/The Forenzik Journals, The Insane Man, or Dumb Angel.

    The suggestions that you can suggest me to do are:

    • Removing plotholes
    • Reducing narm in the story
    • Extending some short blog posts/scenes
    • Fixing awkwardly-worded parts
    • Creating a new post that advances the story

    The suggestions that you can't suggest me to do are:

    • Fixing the e…
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  • Dronian

    Enabling Comments

    January 3, 2014 by Dronian

    I just enabled comments on articles in order to make it easier for people to talk about the pages and/or stories on this wiki.

    So yeah.


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  • Dronian

    The Final Decision

    November 7, 2013 by Dronian

    Sometime soon, the Happy Appy creepypasta, as well as its sequels (except for The Insane Man), will be removed from the Creepypasta Wiki, and the pages will be turned into redirects to the stories on this wiki. This is mostly because of the many times I revise the pasta, and how frustrating it must be for the administrators of the wiki.

    By doing this, not only will I be able to work on the pasta in public without having Skelly unlocking the page on the Creepypasta Wiki every time, but many people wanting to read the pasta will be redirected here, and may help out with the wiki. I say 'may' because there's a baffling amount of children and Homestuck fans in the fandom. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get the motivation to finish Happy Appy 3!


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