For the next 25 days (up until Christmas Eve), I will be updating The True Vision and Dumb Angel with new updates, starting from small nuances to huge complex ones. The updates will be in a cycle; Happy Appy, FHS, Forenzik/Forenzik Journals, Dumb Angel. The final update on the 25th will be a mysterious one.

Day 1: Happy Appy. Turned code/preformatted things in Happy Appy to regular text, and fixed the italics.

Day 2: FHS. Did some rewording on some awkward parts. Also removed a reference to Season 3.

Day 3: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Did some rewording on some awkward parts here as well. 

Day 4: Dumb Angel. Extending the posts. Also, a new huge post.

Day 5: Happy Appy. Scenes with Gerasim talking are improved to make it more lifelike. I will do Happy's scenes in a later update. There's also some little improvements.

Day 6: FHS. Improved the EVP scenes.

Day 7: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. More details on Forenzik, and made the schizophrenia scenes in Forenzik Journals more realistic.

Day 8: Dumb Angel. Three new posts.

Day 9: Happy Appy. Removed some old or unnecessary plot points in the pasta.

Day 10: FHS. Various edits.

Day 11: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Expansion and rewording, including removal of a few plot holes!

Day 12: Dumb Angel. Added gore and details. There will be a blog post on the next update for this story.

Day 13: Happy Appy. Format fixing and spaced paragraphs.

Day 14: FHS. Extentions.

Day 15: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Rewordings and extentions.

Day 16: Dumb Angel. Two new posts.

Day 17: Happy Appy. Rewording some awkward parts.

Day 18: FHS. Same changes as Day 17.

Day 19: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Made the pasta's word choice less repetitive and fixed spelling errors

Day 20: Dumb Angel. New posts, rewording, grammar fixes.

Day 21: Happy Appy. Various edits.

Day 22: FHS. Improved the EVP scenes.

Day 23: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Added to the Forenzik Journals some more.

Day 24: Dumb Angel. New episode.

Day 25: ???. TBA

Just letting you know this.

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