Over a year ago, I created this blog post in order to find out what the Happy Appy fans wanted to be changed in the main stories. Now, with the sudden surge in popularity of this wiki (due to the removal of the story and such), I feel like this blog post should be revived again.

Basically, suggest changes that I should make to the Happy Appy series. The stories that you can choose are Happy Appy, Fright House Screamers, Forenzik/The Forenzik Journals, The Insane Man, or Dumb Angel.

The suggestions that you can suggest me to do are:

  • Removing plotholes
  • Reducing narm in the story
  • Extending some short blog posts/scenes
  • Fixing awkwardly-worded parts
  • Creating a new post that advances the story

The suggestions that you can't suggest me to do are:

  • Fixing the ending of the first story. I'll get it done eventually!
  • Finishing Happy Appy 3. I'll get it done eventually, too!
  • Deleting the story
  • Removing Forenzik
  • Making a fictional character a friend of Gerasim
  • Adding a character that is half-Pokémon and wields the Keyblade
  • Any idea that's stupid, really

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