Happy Appy (and its sequels) cannot be salvaged.

Yes, I am aware that the story sucks. You're not a special snowflake if you think that. Reading it nowadays - especially the sequels - makes me cringe, and that's saying something. Back in 2011, the story was one of the creepiest "Lost Episodes" pastas out there, but now it's not, to say the least. I wanted to go through the story and make it a little more bearable to read, but I'm not going to waste another year of my life fixing something that came from that cesspool known as ROBLOX. I've got better things to do and work on, which I won't reveal. You will probably find them out on your own.

Does that mean I'm going to delete the wiki? No. If you like the stories, then I'll keep it up for you to read and discuss with your 10-year-old friends. If you don't, I'll keep it up for you to riff on it. I actually might do a very extensive one someday. You will just have to wait and see. If you want to try and salvage the story, you have my permission to do so. It'll keep you busy for nearly four years, but you might be able to make it better and less long.

TLDR: Fuck this story, I'm working on other, better shit.

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