Sometime soon, the Happy Appy creepypasta, as well as its sequels (except for The Insane Man), will be removed from the Creepypasta Wiki, and the pages will be turned into redirects to the stories on this wiki. This is mostly because of the many times I revise the pasta, and how frustrating it must be for the administrators of the wiki.

By doing this, not only will I be able to work on the pasta in public without having Skelly unlocking the page on the Creepypasta Wiki every time, but many people wanting to read the pasta will be redirected here, and may help out with the wiki. I say 'may' because there's a baffling amount of children and Homestuck fans in the fandom. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get the motivation to finish Happy Appy 3!

I'm too tired at the moment, so I'll talk to Skelly on the Trollpasta Wiki tomorrow.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing; why do people ship Happy Appy with Andrew Hussie?

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