This blog post contains my unused concepts for Dumb Angel. I will re-add these over time.

Darker ending (3/4TH USED)

Originally, the post containing the ending for Dumb Angel was going to be more dark.

  • Almost all of the 33 people sent to kill Freddrick's followers would die. Only 6 would survive, Gerasim included.
  • Only 45 Followers would die, with 10 more being arrested. Freddrick would live, as well as (for example) the Popov twins, Riagan, and Fox.
  • Freddrick informs the users of Y0uTub3 that Gerasim needs to die.
  • In the epilogue, Jim Forester is found dead while he was finishing his autobiography on Happy Appy. It gets published by Gerasim. (NOT USED)

One rejected idea was to have Vladimir die. I decided to remove it.

Destruction of the Otis Lenz Factory (USED)

Sometime before Vladimir's visit, there will be a post where a Follower burns down the Otis Lenz factory.

The Happy Appy Movie 2 ideas (USED)

Here's some ideas for the Happy Appy Movie 2.

  • The fat Asian Wario man kills a child in part 1
  • Happy meets the third brother of the Oranges, named Jay, in part 2. He is actually an orange with eyes and a smile carved in and put on a stick. Jay tries to kill Happy with a potato peeler, but Freddrick stomps on him. 
  • A follower mocking Gerasim by playing him in drag in part 3
  • Each part has a different name. Part 1 is called "Forenzik Forever", part 2 is called "Trying to Save Aberdeen", and part 3 is called "The Satisfying Killer"

Vladimir's real name and DOB (USED)

In one post, Gerasim will mention that Vladimir's real name is Sergei Vakovlev. The reason why his was changed is because in 2000, while Vladimir was 7, his parents became proud supporters of Vladimir Putin when he became President of Russia. Vladimir's date of birth is 1/17/93.

Gerasim's ex-girlfriend joins the Followers (USED)

Sometime before the December-January break, Gerasim learns that his high school ex-girlfriend, Klara Romanov, has joined the Followers to get revenge on him.

The Yakovlev parents (USED)

It is revealed that Gerasim and Sergei's parents are Georgy and Nata.

Gerasim gets married

In the epilogue, Gerasim gets married to a Japanese girl named Tomoko Hashimoto.

Vladimir gets drafted

When Gerasim, Vladimir, and Tomoko move to Russia, Vladimir gets drafted and goes into the Russian Armed Forces. His scars and story become the talk of his troop. He ends up becoming a Junior Sergeant before leaving the RAF.

Gerasim screams at Vladimir (USED)

Sometime between Vladimir's visit and his kidnapping, Gerasim gets mad at Vladimir for no reason as a side effect of researching Happy Appy.

More concepts will be added overtime.

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