This post contains the possible ending for Dumb Angel!

I'm actually working on some posts for Dumb Angel, including the ending, as well as a new sci-fi story. The ending for the story is very barebones; I've only got the basic concept and idea for the final three posts.

Near the end of the story, Vladimir finally comes over to the USA. Shocking, isn't it? Well, a few days after he comes over, Gerasim wakes up to find him missing. A note on Vlad's bed tells Gerasim that Forenzik and his 100 followers have kidnapped him. Let's just say that Gerasim is very pissed and leave it at that. To go into detail, two posts after it is just Gerasim ranting about how he fucked up his life. After a while, Gerasim teams up with 30 members of the Washington State Police, and Officers Newport and Faulker to wipe out the Followers. However, Gerasim doesn't know where Vladimir and the Followers are. Only after a follower (Dudley Frankin) gets killed at the Police Station does Gerasim know where the Followers are at. It isn't the slaughterhouse, the Otiz Factory or the old blue barn.

It's the Gorgote Farm.

The 33 men fly across America, from Seattle to Portland, Maine. After getting weapons from the police force there, they proceed to end the Followers once and for all. Over 75 Followers were killed, including Freddrick and Johnny Gorgote. The rest either flee or are arrested. However, Ray Bollia is revealed to have been forced into the Followers. He gets arrested, but will have a better life than the rest of the alive Followers. Gerasim finds Vladimir chained up in the basement, with various wounds. It is revealed that Vladimir only survived because he agreed to join the Followers, if only to stop the torture. However, even though the followers are disbanded, half of the group dedicated to destroying the Followers die, including Newport and Faulkner. The final post is Gerasim finding out that Freddrick's father, Kristoffer Gorgote, is the Insane Man, a man who is believed to have actually created They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa.

An epilogue is made, revealing what happened to the Followers, Vladimir, remaining cast, and Gerasim. Haven't worked on this part as much, but Gerasim and Vladimir move back to Russia, and Jim Forester writes a book on his experiences with Happy Appy and Gerasim.

ADDITION 1: Oh yeah, I have some additions to make. Some new follower ideas I made for the final quarter of the story include a Hutu man named Kwasi who was quite involved in the Rwandan Genocide, a Swedish man and an Italian woman, the snarky Popov brothers (Arkadi and Boleslav), and Toird's vengeful brother, Riagan.

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