• FreddrickGorgote

    Hello, Happy Appy fans! I know you are looking forward to the Season 5 premiere of Happy Appy on Nick Jr. in a few months, so I have decided to release a script for episode 1, Danny's Revival!

    Outside of Hospital, Day

    You hear a man say "clear" followed by zapping.

    Inside of Hospital, Day

    Danny is shown being zapped awake. The shot shows his face as he says "Time to kill that killer of an apple."

    Happy's Van, Street next to playground, Day

    Happy finishes murdering a child in his van with a chainsaw. The second he steps out onto the sidewalk, Danny runs up to him and tackles him. It cuts to an overhead shot of the two as Danny punches Happy multiple times. Happy shoves Danny off of him and the shot switches to a side view as Danny stumbles back a…

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