Hello, Happy Appy fans! I know you are looking forward to the Season 5 premiere of Happy Appy on Nick Jr. in a few months, so I have decided to release a script for episode 1, Danny's Revival!

Outside of Hospital, Day

You hear a man say "clear" followed by zapping.

Inside of Hospital, Day

Danny is shown being zapped awake. The shot shows his face as he says "Time to kill that killer of an apple."

Happy's Van, Street next to playground, Day

Happy finishes murdering a child in his van with a chainsaw. The second he steps out onto the sidewalk, Danny runs up to him and tackles him. It cuts to an overhead shot of the two as Danny punches Happy multiple times. Happy shoves Danny off of him and the shot switches to a side view as Danny stumbles back and Happy gets onto his feet and pulls out a knive. The shot switches to an angled view of Happy's face as he runs up to Danny, preparing to drive the knife into his throat. Danny manages to duck under this and take a step to the right as the camera cuts to a slight angled distance shot with Danny facing in the direction of the camera. Danny tries to tackle Happy once again while the camera points to Happy, but happy dodges it and trips Danny with his stick (now metalic) and stabs Danny multiple times in the leg while he screams in pain and the camera cuts to an overhead shot. Happy jumps and prepares to stab Danny in the head as he falls, but Danny rolls out of the way. The camera cuts to a behind shot of Happy as Danny quickly limps away before Happy can get up.

Unknown Laboratory, Night

An eyeless Happy is seen hooked up to 2 wires in both top corners. A hand is seen putting a metal piece into the side of the eyeless happy. Suddenly, eyes appear on the eyeless Happy. About 2 seconds later, the episode ends.

You can also go to Y0uTub3 in 2 months to watch the episodes before they show on Nick Jr.