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  • I live in a Dishwasher
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is being trash
  • I am female
  • Lily2479

    Now, starting with Happy Appy.

    Happy Appy appeared on Nick Jr around 1999, he is a clay apple with blue eyes, arms, and big, green lips. He has a stick (Long or Flat, maybe). He was supposed to help kids all day, but as the show went on, it got weirder and weirder. Later on, the show was cancelled from Nick Jr, and it was never shown again.

    Then comes Happy Apple.

    Happy Apple is from a made-up Adult Parody Comic that was made up in my mind for some reason. Happy Apple was made by a fox wolf-like anthro named John Bon. Happy Apple is a clay apple just like the other from from 1999. He mostly had a round, rusted and unbreakable stick made out of smooth wood made by his furry creator. Instead of being around the 90's, he was around the 80's, likā€¦

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