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  • Pasta937

    Here are some more images from the Happy Appy Youtube series.

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  • Pasta937

    Hello, This is Pasta937 here to tell you about how the episodes are made.

    Around July 25, 2014, I saw someone recreated the famous Two Towers episode from Happy Appy. Yes I know It wasn't a real show on Noggin or Nick Jr, But It was kind of realistic to see it.

    So I thought I can make one. Around October 2014, I started making Happy's Van Breaks using Sony Vegas to animated it. The only problem is that i have trouble recording using a mic. So I use Text To Speech sounds instead. I would use the pan crop tool so I can move the characters on the background.

    I do have a account but I did tell a person to upload which his profile name is Happy Appy, (Now known as "The discovered happy appy footage" I give him links to upload it. It had a couple o…

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