Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness

aka Anne Marie

  • I live in The Shivering Isles
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Streamer/Game Dev:
  • I am What is this "Gender" you speak of? we Daedra are whatever we feel like! I could be a rock if I wanted to! or a bird!
  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness

    Author's Note:Before anyone gets assblasted this is all fan-made nothing here at all is to be taken as official I am only trying to make it sound believeable within cannon, no main characters will appear in this story.

    Hey there My name is Steven, Gerasim as we all know has been researching and posting happy appy episodes, but they're still many he has missed that I know about I shall be posting them here to save him from the trouble of hunting, these long lost episodes himself, these episodes were never even released to the public as for why and for which seasons they belong in I have no idea.

    Below is the 1st episode gerasim never found that I have posted here i found it on a old youtube clone that has long been abandoned (its nothing inteā€¦

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