• Zericron

    Something Special...

    September 8, 2012 by Zericron

    This is just a repost just in case I want to take down the one on my profile. Just to remind you guys that.

    Hey Guys, Zericron here. On my Youtube account I'm going to make a series called "Blunders". It's about certain characters doing some mistakes that they normally wouldn't do. The episodes will be completely random and everything in that one episode I premire will always focus on that character. Season on Ep 0 is going to air privately on Youtube and is going to be called, "Happy's Blunder: Reckless Kill". It's going to be about Happy killing Rob, Bob's brother from the PBS P Pal Bloopers. So put a picture in your head as I tell you the episode. Rob is looking for another series to put on PMAS: The Private Martial Arts Service. He foun…

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